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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poor Max

We have a dog named Max. I don't think I have written about him yet. Poor dog. He is a black miniature schnauzer - and no, I didn't change his name. Well, in all actuality, his name is Maximillion VonPuppimeyer. My hubby has a thing about German names - don't ask - that's a whole dang blog in itself (eye roll).

I say Poor Max because Button has decided that her favorite thing to do is to crawl after Max and steal whatever dog toy he has decided to drag out of his room. He kind of watches her warily and when she gets close, he will pick up his toy and move to a different part of the room. After a couple times of moving and chasing, he finally gives up. He just watches her crawl over and then sits there looking at me with puppy dog eyes while she grabs his toy and attempts to put it into her mouth before I screech and run over to extricate the toy from her grasp. I know, EEEEEWWWW. To complicate matters, just this morning Max actually brought one of his toys over to her so that they could "share" it. Cute of Max to be so good with the baby, but GROSS! Being the smart Mama that I am, I finally put all of the dog's toys away so that neither one of my "children" can get to them. See - I am the goodest learner in the whole world...


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