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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hugs & Halloween

So it is Friday. Button is now 11 and a half months old. She has started hugging everything. She LOVES hugging her Care Bear and her blankie and yesterday she hugged a golf ball and one of her blocks - she loves hugging so much that sometimes she will put her arms around herself and hug herself! The cutest thing is that she will make a little grunting noise when she hugs because that is what I do with her. How cute is that? Why yes, I know - I have the cutest, smartest baby in the world! Okay, other mothers may disagree with me, but I believe that I do.

I love putting her little hair into piggy tails - they aren't so much piggy tails as bug antennae because they stick straight out of the top of her head. No curls for Button - she had no hope of curls between Hubby and me - we both have stick-straight hair. Anyway, for some reason I am completely obsessed with Halloween this year. I have been telling everyone about Button's costume for over a month now. She is going to be a little ladybug with her piggy tails as antennae. I have been looking at every store in town and talking to other people about how they would make wings and debating about buying a costume as opposed to making a costume as opposed to buying regular clothes and making them work for a costume. Then debating about whether I can actually MAKE ladybug wings that look like ladybug wings, or whether they will just look like a wire hanger that got into a fight with some black pantyhose. I don't know how cost effective it would be for me to make my wings because by the time I buy 12 pairs of black pantyhose after running every single one of them, and then ripping them to shreds trying to get them over the hanger, and then later in anger, I will have spent about $50. Judging from my prior attempts at Halloween costumes for myself (flying snake anyone?), I should probably spend the $25 and just buy a ready made costume so that people won't ask me what she is supposed to be - Oh, where are her antennae? Ooooh, those ARE her wings... They're very...... (searching for the right word)... interesting...

The thing is that I don't even know why I am worrying about Halloween this year. I mean Button doesn't know the difference and we aren't even going to go Trick-or-Treating, so what is the point of even making her a costume? I had originally thought that I would have her dressed up so that when people come to the door for candy, they would get to see her and comment on her cuteness. Then I realized that the people coming to my door want me to say how cute THEIR kids are and don't really care about MY kid. Oh well, we will have lots of pictures to show the grandparents, who are probably the only ones who care anyway.


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