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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Suzie Homemaker in love...

Today I am feeling like Suzie Homemaker. I am in the mood to clean the house and I have fallen in love again....With my crock pot and a new website. The website is the Ladies Home Journal website which has tons and tons of crock pot recipes. I love crock pots because you can dump all your ingredients in it and forget about it all day. I also love that I don't have to do much work at the end of the day when I am tired and crabby - the hard part is already done while Button is napping! Plus, if Hubby is late coming home from work, it doesn't really matter - the food will still be hot and yummy.

I don't know what brought about this change. It might be the weather. I was at my parent's house yesterday and it snowed over 2 inches. It was one of those perfect snows that covers every branch and just glistens. It makes me think of the Holidays (which could also be stressful when thinking about presents and everything, but I am being positive today) and sitting by a large, roaring fireplace reading a good book and drinking hot cocoa while a big pot of soup boils on the stove (or in the crockpot!). And I would be snuggled in a large blaknet with my wonderful fuzzy slippers on my feet.

Anyway, I guess the Suzie Homemaker thing comes about because I wouldn't be able to relax sitting in front of my fireplace if there were toys all over and crumbs on the table and dishes in the sink and beds unmade and clothes on the floor and diapers laying on the changing table. That is not part of the fantasy. Although since I am fantasizing, I might as well just put in the fact that I am realxing in front of the fireplace because Hubby and Button will have actually noticed that there IS crap everywhere and that SOMEONE will have to put it away and then take the initiative to do it themselves. Ohhh, that is a great fantasy....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Hubby helps out and notices more than you think!!

10/24/2006 3:34 PM  

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