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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Traumatic experience

We had Button's 1 year pictures taken yesterday. We normally have them taken at JCPenney's, but we decided to do them at a different photographer because we had heard very good things about this other place. Anyway, I have to say that I wasn't super impressed with the new place. Our appointment was at 4:00 on Friday. We finally got in to take our pictures at 4:45. The people in front of us were having their 1 year pictures taken as well - with twins. I don't know about you guys, but I would imagine that twins would take twice as long, correct? Well, I don't know what time they got in there, but I KNOW that they were there when I showed up for my appointment at about 3:50. Which would mean they were in there for an hour or longer. So my question to the people at the photography studio is: Why would you schedule twin 1 year pictures in the time it takes to take a single baby picture? Also, in the hour that we were waiting for our pictures, Button, who is getting 2 new teeth, managed to drool all over her outfit. No, there were no dryers in the bathrooms of course. At least her clothes had a chance to dry.

I was also not extremely happy with our actual photographer. After seeing the other woman working with the twins, I thought that we might actually get some good pictures out of the deal, but no. This lady looked like she had already had a long day and could not WAIT to go home. For being a children's photographer, she wasn't very good with children. THEN, Button kept making this funny face because she was trying to grind her bottom tooth against the top tooth that is trying to come in. Oh, and seeing that the twins before us were in there for over an hour, I figured that we would at least get a half an hour. No - about 20 minutes later we were done and that included all her individual pictures, family pictures and a wardrobe change. Oh, yes, there was a room change in there too, because the people in the other room wanted a background that was only available in the room that we were in, of course.

I do need to mention 2 things. 1) I do realize that we went at 4:00 on Friday which is probably not the slowest time for them. 2) I am totally PMS-ing, so I am hoping these negative, crappy feelings aren't long lived.


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