Hi! My name is Kari and I am a Stay-at-Home wife and mother. I have 1 daughter for now and am constantly struggling to make my new lifestyle work for me.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What am I?

SURPRISE!! I am not a writer. I am not. I majored in Business in college. I worked in accounting for 6 years after college and got my CPA. I do not write. I am also not good at math. Well, I mean I am okay at math, but I didn’t have to take a bunch of actual math classes in college and I am not familiar with any of those complicated math formulas or anything. I can not do complicated math problems in my head – that is why they invented adding machines and Excel. The one thing that I am good at is Excel. 1+1? Let me see….(click, click, click…consulting adding machine window) Yep, still 2. Although I have heard the joke about a good accountant: “What is 1+1?” Good Accountant: “What do you want it to be?” I have heard that joke many, many times. And the sad thing is that I understand what it means. As an accountant, you can massage the numbers to make them show almost anything. So in that respect I might be an artist, but I am not a writer.

I am also not a tax expert. Please do not ask me to do you taxes or ask my advice on your taxes. There are reasons why there are tax specialists and that is because tax is constantly changing and there are so many rules and exceptions to the rules and exceptions to the exceptions, that it is a career in itself to figure out what they all mean and how to save the most money and not totally screw up all those stupid forms.

So what am I? After much soul searching, I can finally tell you that I am a Christian, wife, mother, maid, social director, bill payer, dog walker, child care provider, head landscaper, maintenance technician, fitness wannabe guru, buyer, chauffeur and friend. That is what I am.


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