Hi! My name is Kari and I am a Stay-at-Home wife and mother. I have 1 daughter for now and am constantly struggling to make my new lifestyle work for me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So being pregnant has been great so far... HA! I have morning sickness worse than last time - although to be fair, I didn't really have morning sickness the first time. I thought that I might have been nauseous a couple of times, but they were doing construction on a garage right next to my building at work, so I was never quite sure if my queesy-ness was due to my pregnancy, or the constant vibration of my office. And the morning sickness does not generally occur until I need to get supper ready. Yep, around 4:30, 5:00 I am looking in the fridge/freezer trying to find the stuff for dinner and NOTHING looks appetizing. I can't touch raw meat and stuff like turkey or ham for sandwiches sends me to the bathroom. Blech! Even typing it makes me sick! Then something will strike my fancy and I will take one bite and HATE it!

And TIRED! I have been more tired with this pregnancy than my first. I am struggling with this because I feel soooo lazy. I take an afternoon nap every day, then I wake up groggy and almost worse than when I started.

But contrary to what you have read, I realize that I don't have it that badly. I am still able to get out of bed and function. And where as my functionality has gone down considerably in the last couple of weeks, I can still do what I need to do.

See, groggy. My post is all over the place, and I am not really caring.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pink Lines

So I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am pregnant again. I say "again" like this is more than just my second pregnancy. I don't know why I have such mixed feelings about this. I mean, we were kind of trying to get pregnant, but seriously, this was the first month we were trying! We thought it would take awhile and in the mean time, I was going to be done nursing and able to enjoy having my body to myself again, but no. That was not to be. I found out I was pregnant the week my daughter turned 1. The week that I was going to stop nursing, maybe... The week that I was going to get serious about losing my baby weight. The week that I had always assumed would be the time that I would stop feeling so tired and the week in which I thought I would have everything figured out. Also, incidently the week that I started going back to school to get an education degree. Oh yes, that week also includes our wedding anniversary and my hubby's birthday. Big week! But what was I doing at the beginning of that week? Waiting for 2 pink lines.

I am going to have a 20 month old and a newborn. I am going to have 2 babies in diapers. What am I thinking? How can I possibly do night feedings and then wake up after intermittant sleep to run after a toddler? Am I going to truly enjoy Button's toddler years, or will I be too tired and nauseous to appreciate all of the new things she is learning?

What am I thinking? I am truly blessed to have 2 healthy children. Both of my children will be lucky to have siblings so close in age that they will be able to play with each other and protect each other. They will always have a "built-in" friend on which they will always be able to rely. They will be in school together - probably only a year apart. Part of me wants to have another girl so that Button can have a sister, which is something that I always wanted and never had. Part of me wants a boy that will protect Button from everyone - especially other boys.

Isn't it funny how much your life can change in the span of 3 minutes and by the sight of just two small pink lines?